MON-FRI @ 8 A.M. with "FULFILLING THE DREAM" Inspiration Call (*Eastern Time)

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8am - 8:30am EDT Thursday, May 3 2018
BRAND NEW NUMBER: (209) 647-1600 PIN 962811#
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Kenneth & Cynth'ya on Feb 03, 2012

Fulfilling the Dream Team. One company, one team, one dream. 10,000 millionaires/financially free individuals by 2020. Can you see the vision?8a.m. ET 7a.m. CT (Combination of two leader groups formerly known as the Jet Set Team & Ticket To Paradise Team)

AT LEAST 40 DIRECTOR TEAMS ALL STILL IN THE GAME WITH YOU AND YTB, ready to go all out by helping to teach uplift and mentor EVERYONE who wants to WIN, no excuses, no matter how long it takes. 

This 30 minute call opens with a morning affirmation of spiritual growth and ends with the Word of the Day and prayer by one of the Director leaders around the country. Everyone welcome to listen, regardless of status in the business, or not even in the business. Be blessed!


(209) 647-1600 PIN 962811# Call in early and shout out who you are and where you're calling from! (Please be kind to press *6 after you announce yourself, for a clear professional call quality.) Replay provided : 209-647-1699 same pin. 

PLEASE NOTE: This posting, as well as ALL calls and/or events in this calendar may be subject to change without notice to administrators of and/or others who post live or tele-conferencing events. Please check with the contact persons responsible for those events with your questions or inquire via corporate communications (i.e. YTB WIRE or YTB Pulse, or Facebook's YTB REP or YTB Travel Family pages, etc.) or your upline/sideline contacts for detailed information.



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