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(Note: This file is OLD remind us from whence we came even if the leaders-from-the-past are no longer with us...their positive lessons can still teach us. Never forget where you came from.)

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07/26/2010 30.5 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Atlanta Coach's Corner Member Jackie Pippins tells about how she never got to spend her dad's last moments with him because she had no time freedom. A woman who loves to help people shares her ZamZuu Testimonial and her knowledge with us.
07/19/2010 29.1 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Harvey Zay introduces PowerTeam Leaders and co-founders of 3RT Association LLC,Ken & Cynth'ya Reed on the July 18, 2010 Team Vision Opportunity call where they take a common sense approach that the average person can relate to regarding ZamZuu ownership.
05/21/2010 2.9 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
James asks, "If you knew that you knew you would win, would you stop acting like you're a failure?"
04/01/2010 2.6 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
THE MORNING CONFESSION AFFORMATION (affFIRMations are what on says or repeats, but afFORMmations are what one says, visualizes, and believes and expects barring nothing). This is an AFFORMATION from the Prewitt Call.April 1, 2010.

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