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(Note: This file is OLD remind us from whence we came even if the leaders-from-the-past are no longer with us...their positive lessons can still teach us. Never forget where you came from.)

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08/03/2010 20.7 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Donald Bradley and Jil Greene adamantly explain why convention is a must with the SCHEDULE SECOND WAVE August 20, 2010. Convention is going to rocket s lot of people out of their financially depressed mess. Hear and share this call.
08/02/2010 16.2 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Chris Cokley talks about the importance of not being lulled to sleep while suffocating financially, spiritually and emotionally. People think they are struggling now? No where close to what WILL happen to those who ignore the ZamZuu 2010 convention.
07/19/2010 21.9 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Is YOUR Mind Right? Melissa Boston asks this question. Prepare to be shocked by the answer...we ALL need improvement on this one!
07/13/2010 16.7 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
ZAMTEK folks on the line this morning...and wait til you hear about the huge commission of over $100 for one product sale!
07/07/2010 12.6 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Ever feel as if life is pressing down on you so hard that you can't hold your head up, regardless of all you do to try to get ahead? Listen to this's about the faith of 3 women. Regardless of your belief, the lessons are pure & from the heart.
06/29/2010 17.7 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Level 1 Director & Wharton School of Business Alumna Chaurice Corbin asks "Is your job preventing you from fulfilling your anointing and your purpose on this earth? DISCLAIMER: This is not a put down of jobs. It is a wake up call for the unfulfilled.
06/28/2010 21.4 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
How much time and money will your employer give YOUR family when you die? Two ZamZuu mothers break down why their children woke them up to build this business. One of them even breaks down on the line, and can't talk anymore it hurts her so much to win.
06/14/2010 26.1 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
What's Your "OUT"? Serious lesson about four kinds of people, and one of them fits all of us! Director Factory Lesson by Chaurice Corbin, Level 1 Director in Ladies of Team Vision.
06/05/2010 36.1 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
ZamZuuer Steve Mason thinks so big, that this special DirectorFactory call 6/4/2010 unvelis the vision of THE POWER of One, earning a minimum $250,000 in 24 months is JUST the beginning. It will also be posted at site in text.
06/02/2010 19.6 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Former Prepaid Legal Heavy Hitter talks about why ZamZuu is by far the best company he has every seen...(and he's been a champion in many more than just PPL.) Note: This is not to downplay other businesses. It emphasizes leadership where it counts.
05/26/2010 5.3 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Retired teacher and PowerTeam Leader Kenneth W. Reed is a quiet power, but has decided to speak out and do what he does best, TEACH! This file topic is about the myth of "THE SAFE JOB."
05/25/2010 20.3 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
NO PROSPECTS, NO SUCCESS, NO CASH? Listen to Jerome Hughes tell what he told us, the same info he shared at SPRING FLING EXTREME NATL LDRSHIP BOOTCAMP 4/24/10 in Indpls. Recorded live on THE VIEW (Variety of Ideas to Increase Wealth).on Self Confidence.
05/21/2010 19.3 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Pinpoint for reps and associates on the optional marketing side of ZamZuu about the importance of "The WHY" not just "The HOW" of simple success getting to your 50% Match.
05/06/2010 23.9 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Jil Greene talks about FIRE, Floods, Faith, Feeling, and more. (Includes personal testimonial how she drove around a mountain in Nashville while waters were rising.) FIRST 3 MINUTES OF RECORDING ARE SLIGHTLY STATIC.
04/08/2010 17.8 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Larease Rivers interviews "BigD" from Long Island NY, a man with a smooth voice who gets paid on ZamZuu to LOSE WEIGHT! Recorded 4-8-10
04/05/2010 18.8 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
Does Your Fruit Reflect Your Root?
03/18/2010 17.8 MB Kenneth & Cynth'ya Reed
True ZamZuuer, Princess Deborah Abbey Nwokoye from Nigeria now living in Dallas TX, with a why that we dare will make EVERYONE cry.

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