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We LOVE the fact that Spring is coming, and we LOVE the fact Spring brings with it new opportunities. So we decided to get a jump on Spring newness by re-editing the SPEED REED GROUPSITE WELCOME LETTERS for new people coming into this very special community.

Once you invite others to connect, they will receive the following email. (Just made sense for you all to know what people will see.) The following email will be sent out thru ALL 3 GROUPSITES: SpeedReedNews, SpeedReedMedia, and ZamzuuWinners. And to avoid people not getting all the latest info, before you invite them to "click" on the invitation you send to them, make sure they HAVE A PHOTO of themselves so we can identify them. No baby pics from back in the day, but something recent.

Thank you for becoming a part of the SpeedReed News ZamZuu family!, as well as affiliate sites SpeedReedMedia and are diverse places where select things can be discovered that inspire you to have a fresh business attitude to start your day, as well as a place to share your event information on the SpeedReedNews Groupsite calendar. It's also a place to help you with 3rd party validation when you share Zamzuu with others. .

On the main groupsite (SpeedReedNews) you have access to discussion groups, file links, and of course the streaming video from ZamZuu HQ's ZAMNUUZ, as well as a place to visit and share on a daily basis. We hope that each time you visit or refer any of our pages at, or there's never a time when you can’t find something that take you one step further in your personal ZamZuu journey with your team. So in celebration or contemplation, the SpeedReed Groupsite  community is
waiting to reach out, teach you what we learn from our credible resources of Team Vision and other excellent resources to give your business the edge it needs.

When you get a moment, make sure you’ have your photo uploaded, in addition to completing your profile. Weekly emails and late breaking news eblasts keep you in the loop if you choose to stay connected. If an any time you choose to opt out of receiving emails, that too can be adjusted in your account preferences.

Success in anything is like an electrical circuit, if we don't connect to the power source, we stay in the dark. So update your account profile, and bookmark these three pages:

And you know what might be nice? Ask your friends and family members who are "looking cross-eyed" at your business to just check out some of the videos in the SpeedReed Groupsites. Just because they may not choose to join you in business at this time doesn't mean they don't care about you as a person making things happen in your own life .

May God bless your business, your loved ones, AND your life!

The Speed Reed Groupsite Cheerleaders
Ken and Cynth'ya Reed
Publishers and promoters of

P.S. In order to access all areas of the site, upload a head and shoulders profile photo (family photos are also fine) so we know who we are when we eventually meet in real life, as well as verifying your face with your profile info. Instructions on how to add your  photo are under the "HELP" tab in the upper right corner of each Speed Reed Groupsite.

NOTE: SpeedReedNews reserves the right to remove what its managers deem as unprofessional imagery. Same rule applies for verbal abuse which should never happen on this site, or any site for that matter. So for those you invite to this site to take a part, be sure and let each person you invite know about our behavior/profile policies.

THAT'S IT! So let's all keep on working together to change the lives of those whom God brings to our awareness. All the best,

The Reeds



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