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YTB DIRECTOR Mary Liu created a doc.

YTB Terminology Changes ~ Please Read!
Friday, August 5, 2011 as it appeared on the YTB Pulse Newsletter

Convention was exciting! Now, let's cover some of the big terminology changes!

With the return of YTB, you might be thinking, "That's Awesome! So, what am I now?"
Let's walk through it!

I was a Broker, now I'm an RTA!
Anyone who purchased a Broker License is now an RTA in our YTB Travel Program! That means you have a state-of-the-art YTB Travel booking engine, your very own, and in the coming weeks you'll be given access to First Class Training, too! (First Class Training is going through a few last edits before posting!) Your Free Agents are now Affiliates, and they'll be shopping through your brand new website. You can continue to register new Affiliates from your travel booking engine. They simply need to click "Create Account" in the top right corner. They'll earn 30% of the commission, and you'll earn between 30% and 50% of the commission depending on your commission level. (In YTB, you can earn more commission with additional training and performance, and non-Affiliate and offline sales generate between 60-80% of the commission!)

I was a Rep prior to Convention, now I'm a Senior Rep!
Any Rep who enrolled prior to August 1, 2011, will be a Senior Rep! Furthermore, if you were a PowerTeam Leader, you're still a PowerTeam Leader and working toward your next Bonus. Look through the compensation plan by clicking here!

I was a Travel Agent with YTB, now I'm a Travel Agent!
All of our outstanding Travel Agents are still Travel Agents. The biggest change for you is in your Travel Portal. To log in, you'll now go to To access your Travel Portal information, make sure you're in your RTA Back Office, and click on "Travel Portal" in the left side menu. You'll find new tabs in the middle with all the documents and links you're used to seeing.

My Free Agents are now Affiliates!
To provide a better quality shopping experience, Free Agents are now called Affiliates and will now be shopping through their Broker's shopping site, now an RTA. Don't worry! Affiliates still earn 30% of the commission on everything they purchase, but now there's more available to them. Through their RTA, they'll now have access to YTB Travel Network's booking engine. This booking engine has more product offerings, and now, all of an Affiliate's travel booking needs can be found in one place.


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