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This same info is in your back office. Placed here for quick referral for those who have trouble getting into their back office. Corporate is doing a slam dunk job on the communications end and we hope no one takes these changes lightly...from personal experience as a writer I KNOW THESE CHANGES ARE NO PIECE OF CAKE! BIG SHOUTS to the YTB Communication News Team of Caryn, Duane, Melanie, Josh and company! 

Stay Connected with YTB by checking out these exciting communication pieces!

The YTB Pulse
Want to know what's happening in YTB? Read the pulse! It's the hip new way to stay in touch with all the amazing reasons you love YTB! From product tips to business building ideas to amazing statistics on where we are as a company, the pulse has it all in one beat!

YTB Synergy "Where Leaders Meet"
This weekly show is new every Saturday at noon Eastern and is rebroadcast every half hour throughout the week. Learn more about your business, hear from home office team members, Coach, Scott, Field Leaders and more LIVE and in COLOR! There's also step-by-step walk through videos to help you learn quickly and easily more information about your business as well as product demos and more!

Facebook and Twitter
We're also on Facebook and Twitter! Now you can join the conversation...LITERALLY! Because Facebook and Twitter allow for faster communication, you'll be able to receive breaking news at lightning speed! Plus, Facebook and Twitter are mobile friendly allowing you to stay in the know at all times and discuss with other YTB members right when something is announced! This is also the place to share ideas with other Reps, ask questions, and participate in home office discussions! Check it out! - or .

The YTB Wire
This weekly email comes out every Friday and is full of all kinds of information about your Rep business! The main thing that this publication has that others don't is quick access to see where all the big meetings are as well as contact information for the people hosting! Never miss a YTB meeting in your area; Check your YTB Wire every week!



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