Nailing Conflict of Interest to the Wall Y'all!

Posted by Kenneth & Cynth'ya / on 09/27/2010 / 0 Comments

For those who love documentation over conversation (and we all should aspire for that) the following is excellent to know and share with people considering ZamZuu opportunities, especially on the REP end of the justice scale.

It is not true that people who are in other network marketing or MLM groups are unable to sign up into ZamZuu as a REP. Of course they need to be aware of their own policies and procedures, but most DSA (Direct Sales Association) member companies make an allowance, with certain parameters.

Compliance on this subject is something we all should know, and can be found in the REP POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, Section 3:20 a, b, and c. in your back office. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Compliance at 618-655-9477 or send a support ticket to your back office.

In short, you CAN sponsor your Mary Kay person(s) into your team, as long as they stick closely to the rules, which really ain't that bad! Just read them, keep a copy of them for people who love to argue, highlight section 3:20 and go make a sandwich. It ain't that deep...but it is if it's not followed.

blessin's, from your SpeedReedNews "cheering-you-on-to-PowerTeamLeader-and-beyond" leader-servants,

Ken and Cynth'ya Reed


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