NOTE OF THANKS From the Reeds

Posted by Kenneth & Cynth'ya / on 09/15/2011 / 0 Comments

First a personal note, from Cynth'ya Reed:


We are so honored to be able to know that over the next 12 months, we'll more than likely have a new section to the Discussion Board called "BIG DREAMS"...but hey, wait a second...our company waits on NO ONE...we just show them the way out of the "Journey of the Broke" J.O.B. as YTB Director Nakia Muhammad of Detroit says all the time. We aren't just business owners, we are BLESSING GIVERS!

So note that video at the top of the SpeedReedNews's actually, and if it plays of not has nothing to do with me. (smile) But I do want to get personal for a moment, thanking all of you who wore me out reading Earth Day/BirthDay greeting and celebration notes and videos...and as if finding out that Tyler Perry also was born on Sept 13 wasn't enough (smile) the Team Indy YTB family just showed out with love fun hugs and support! Special SPECIAL thanks to Bob and Joyce Silvers, loyal SpeedReedNews supporters from Beech Grove Indiana, who sang not just for my birthday, but also for Kenny's and my 36th wedding anniversary celebration!

Gee, it's gettin' to the point that every time we meet we are gonna celebrate somethin'...SO LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

New blog photos, links, you name it we wanna help you all see it! 

THE "WHAT ARE U DREAMING ABOUT?" new section open to anyone who is part of this community. Post it, write it, sing it, video it, whatever we want to see it happen for you! 

And hey, let's all do ourselves a favor. YTB has stellar attorneys and let's not think like "corporate America" and try to understand the matrix that works in ALL our favor...just sell coffee, sell travel stores, have fun, and let's have a Bentley parade one day down the street where you live! (or the vehicle of your choice, or show a photo of a big $10,000 check, travel stories, words of inspiration, community outreach, whatever your dream is we want to do what our newest member from Miami Florida, RAUL MEDINA is expert in doing: DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!

That was a segway for every new member you see in here, send them a shout out (not a solicitation, remember the Code of Ethics on the front page of SpeedReedNews?) We are all family, let's have fun, be professionals with hearts, and send a shout out welcoming everyone you do not yet know who is in the profiles.

Besides, you may park matching BMWs or Mercedes in a parking lot and try to get into each others vehicle by mistake...okay...VANITY LICENSE PLATES FOR EVERYBODY! Much love, see you when we return from the mountains on Sept 27...meanwhile...


blessin's, The Reeds 



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