Recognition Time!

Posted by Kenneth & Cynth'ya / on 11/06/2010 / 0 Comments

Guess who's been soaking up the news in SpeedReed News as it comes down from our leaders in the field...not to mention checking out ZAMNUUZ which runs 24/7? So in reverse alphabetical order...hats off to these leaders who make it their business to check out "The Speed Reed News!"

Sharon Yount (WhooHoo!) Cool

Karen Toler
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Nilda Thomas
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Linda Suggs
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Gregory Snead (WhooHoo!) Cool

LeDean Smith
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Harold & Betty Rodgers
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Kellie Ridgeway
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Steven Reed
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Velois Rausch
(WhooHoo!) Cool
Lisa Phifer
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Lorna Paris
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Michael Navarro
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Will McDole
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Lewis McDole
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Casandra Marrow
(WhooHoo!) Cool

Kathy Lombardo
(Wh ooHoo!) Cool

We know life gets busy, but the best thing about busy is we can all take 15 minutes to see what's happening to make our business and  personal development better.  We also want to thank EVERYONE who is also learning from the links in File Cabinet at . That means EVERYONE gets recognized. And even if it's been a few months since you've been here, know you're important, and know your time in the spotlight on stage will happen.

JUST GET ONE (famous words of Level 3 Director Donald Bradley)...because each one teaches one, and each one counts. Be blessed in your weeks and holidays ahead.

blessin's always,
Ken & Cynth'ya Reed


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