TRAVEL COOKIES (as in internet cookies search engine savvy)

Posted by Kenneth & Cynth'ya / on 07/11/2013 / 0 Comments

The public (and even a lot of travel agents) have no idea as to why prices will "spike" for no logical reason. Well, this time it's not the fault of anyone stealing the cookie from the cookie jar, but the cookie creating higher prices to take more out of your travel clients' pockets.

What's a cookie? It's a piece of data (sort of like commissions hiding in all products and services) that retains memory of past searches. When those searches are visited repeatedly, as far as travel goes, the cookie "remembers" the price from the last visit to the site in question.

With so many sites (we won't mention their names) doing searches, clients need to know simple things like this: CLEAR OUT THE COOKIES and YOU GET A MORE REALISTIC PRICE POINT. Of course we all know nothing is guarantteed as far as a price quote unless it's booked. And the earlier the booking occurs, the better chances our clients will be saving more and spending says the cookie jar (travel industry) to the consumer who knows how to clear out the cookies :-)

There's another benefit: Computer will run faster. So how does one begin?
Below are 3 links for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to help you understand the process.

If it gets overwhelming, as a preschooler, they seem to know everything these days!

All the best, and let's do all we can in this great momentum phase make this company of YTB TRAVEL NUMBER ONE ON THE PLANET! For those attending the Baltimore regional, share this with those you know. (Bet Expedia and Priceline and Hotwire aren't telling their customers this "cookie secret.")

blessin's and stay safe in the humid hot weather everyone!
Ken and Cynth'ya

Instructions on how to clear internet cookies. Do this everything you do a search for optimal results.

for Internet Explorer
for Google Chrome


       & for Mozilla Firefox




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