or "Confused? Don't Be...."

Posted by Kenneth & Cynth'ya / on 03/09/2010 / 0 Comments

Hey, with all the rapid changes it jump on and hang on tight! 

  ZAMZUUTV.COM (The ZamZuu Showcase) is every 1st Tuesday of the month turns over a new webcast. It runs 24/7 for about 20 minutes each cycle, then rewinds 3 minutes later all day, all night.  How about that for convenience?

  ZAMZU UTV.BI Z   (The ZamZuu Revolution) is every 3rd Tuesday of the month. It highlights the products.

There's something new on each biweekly cycle. and again it's all 24/7.

Need more explanation?

Watch and see....that's what most of us do (smile).

P.S. ZamZuu is a BUSY PERSON'S BUSINESS! And nobody is alone when they really want to make it happen.

Use these sites to share your business with others. NEVER EXPLAIN what you's SHOPPING! What's to explain about free cash back? Don't waste time with people looking for loopholes that their money may already bee falling thru because they don't trust or respect you for helping them (or trying to anyway....)


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