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Yes it is a bit straining to change so quickly, then again OUR company is doing some incredible things to put us all ahead of the game. 

From the inside, it's a major undertaking that even Bill Gates wouldn't wish on any one, the way that tech is working so very diligently. This is new from the corporate execs on down...and the great part is, we are all learning together.

There is a woman at corporate named Shelley Henderson. She is the designated ZMobile Go To person. AND SHE'S AN AARP person, so she understands our pain (smile) Email Shelley with any suggestions you have that would make the change over easy for everyone who wants to be successful with Zmobile, your concerns --she says be picky we have a right to be :-)

(yes, that's correct: SHENDERSON@ZAMZUU.COM)

Feel free to share. They don't know what's up unless we tell them...and that's why YTB is so incredible. Have a blessed week.

The Reeds


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